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About AOBA Game Engine

The AOBA Game Engine is the core engine used by the Game Studio. It's a rich-featured game engine with a main focus on Action-RPGs.

The engine provides low-level features, a complex build system, graphic-features and game-logic elements and is completly written using the FMA Assembler.

Currently the engine is still in development and not public available. Please follow our blog to stay up to date.

Core features#

  • Multithreading with up to 31 thread running parallel
  • Dynamic memory management
  • Optional SA1-support to improve performance
  • Timers
  • Flexible scripting language
  • Basic unit testing framework

Rendering features#

  • Render and scrolling of tilemaps
  • Animated tilesets
  • Animated palettes
  • Fully animated sprites
  • Palette transitions for fading to other palettes

Text features#

  • Variable-width-font text rendering
  • Fixed-width-font rendering
  • Support for multilingual games

Audio features#

  • Plays songs and scripted SFXs made with AOBA music studio
  • Live streaming of complex samples like voice