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About FMA

The famicom macro assembler (FMA) is a easy-to-use assembler developed to especially create SNES games. If you are interested in SNES development, feel free to take a look at this assembler.

Compared to older assemblers for SNES, this assembler has rich support for macros, classes and memory management. It is completely open-source and can be used by anyone for free!

Where to download FMA#

You can build FMA from the source code. Get it on github:


  • Ruby like syntax for assembler projects
  • Manage code in modules, macros and classes
  • Auto generated locations for variables
  • Memory ranges can be reused for other variables
  • Automatically keeps track about size of A, X and Y registers
  • Pass numbers, strings or even registers to macros
  • Other assemblers can be implemented, even if they have totally different opcodes
  • Basic type hinting used to reference class instances

Supported targets#

  • Super Nintendo (65816)
  • Super Nintendo Audio Chip (SPC)
  • Others can be implemented